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Both the vineyard and the winery are open to visitors all year round. During the tour of the vineyard, each guest has the opportunity to live a unique and unforgettable experience, which offers the knowledge of how the vineyard was planted around the hill as well as the magnificent view from an altitude of 500 metres overlooking the Valley of Messaras, the Libyan Sea and the Asterousia mountains, all of which compose a majestic Cretan landscape.

The tour continues in the production areas of the winery, where the guest then has the opportunity to taste the land’s wines and various traditional, Cretan food in the savoury room, all the while enjoying the magnificent view. All the organic cultivated wines of the domaine, along with other products can be purchased in the wine shop. We have built traditional, stone pressing tanks next to the winery, where our guests have the chance to take part in a programmed, traditional grape pressing session.

The small church of Panagia, situated in front of the winery, adds to the (area) location’s beauty.
Come join us on a tour of “Domaine Zacharioudakis”, in an area that both vine and wine are praised in the modern wine history of Crete!
The winery will be open for visitors again from June 24th to October 1st. Visitors can join us on a wine tour and tasting from Monday to Saturday between 10:00 and 15:00 (last wine tastings at 14:00).

wine tasting suggestions

wine tasting suggestions



For this package a booking is required 12 hours in advance

This package includes a guided tour in the winery as well as a wine tasting of 5 labels accompanied by a selection of Cretan cheese and traditional products.



2 Persons Min. For this package a booking is required 24 hours in advance

This package includes a guided tour in the winery and the vineyards as well as a wine tasting of 6 labels accompanied by 2 traditional “meze” dishes.


In order to book your tour and tasting experience you can contact us at our phone: 0030 6981 406094 or at our e-mail:  [email protected]



Since ancient times, this area has had a long-standing tradition in vineyards and wines, a statement which has been proven true by recent findings of ancient pressing tanks carved into a rock, next to the Cretan village of Plouti. The property is close to all the major archaeological sites and several beautiful beaches of southern Crete, with plenty of restaurants and hotels.

The domaine is located amid an area of southern Crete which is rich in history and natural beauty. At a distance of 1 km south of the land is where the archaeological sight of Gortyna stands, the area where Zeus came together with Europe, the princess who gave her name to the continent. In addition, this is where the most ancient written legal text of Europe was discovered, the famous “Gortyna Code”. West of the Land, at a distance less than 2 km, is where the mythical cave “Lavirinthos” is located; a cave of more than 3 km of winding paths, a part of which is open to the public. Near this sight is where the ancient pressing tanks, carved into the rock, are located, proof of the time-old connection of the area to vine and wine.

At a distance of 12 km is where the archaeological sight of Phaestos is located, while 7 km away from the village is where you can find the village of Zaros. Even further up in the Psiloritis mountain range is where the forest of Rouvas lies. The beautiful beaches of Southern Crete, those of Matala, Agia Galini, Kalamaki and Lentas are close by. At these beaches, visitors can choose among a wide range of hotels and taste the traditional cuisine of the region in many restaurants. Domaine Zacharioudakis is located 129 km from Chania, 74 km from Rethymno, 48 km from Heraklion and 114 km from Agios Nikolaos.

Αρχαιολογικος χωρος Κομος
Μουσειο Κρητικης Εθνολογιας Βωρους
Αγια Γαληνη
Μονη Βροντησιου Ζαρος
Αρχαια πατητηρια Καστελι
Λιμνη Ζαρου
Καλα Λιμανια
Επιγραφη στην Γορτυνα
Αγιος Τιτος Γορτυνα