Cretan wines of the finest quality


Technology and knowledge in oenology easily create good wine. However, when your goal is the best quality, then the winning factor is for the wine to originate from the best vineyard. That is why the Zacharioudakis family happily invested in a Cretan organically cultivated vineyard that was planted on the hill Orthi Petra in South Crete, a location that can guarantee exceptional harvests.

Within the 20 hectares organically cultivated vineyard, the state-of-the-art winery with its unique architecture was built. Our goal is not the mass production. It is to produce Cretan wines of the finest quality from grapes organically grown in our vineyard and we create wine with respect in accordance with the international high quality standards.”Domaine Zacharioudakis” was created at the top of the hill “Orthi Petra”

located in the south part of Crete, at an altitude of 500 metres, north of ancient Gortina, next to the village of Plouti. In the year 2000, journalist Stelios Zacharioudakis and his spouse, Victoria, began the implementation of their vision to create an area as a tribute to the vineyard and wine, an area to mark the modern and very promising wine history of Crete.


Winemaker …

winemaker …

Until 2009 he was an active journalist. Indeed in 1994, publishes his own newspaper, called «Antilalos of Messara”. Until today he remains a journalist, from the post of the publisher, but his heart has been stolen by another love … The “gift of the gods to humans” – the wine!

As he says “Since 2009 Domaine Zacharioudakis has been completed and presented to wine lovers, journalism passed to the backseat and today I declare that I’m ‘an active’ winemaker …»

Stelios Zacharioudakis is the founder of “Domaine Zacharioudakis” in the village Plouti and he claims that there never came to a dilemma about selecting the location, since in Plouti his grandfather and his father cultivated their land. As he says with pride, “I think I responded to the call of oenoforos this earth to once again offer the wine.”

His oppinion about the cultivation and production of wine reveals his philosophy “In the family Zacharioudakis we want our passion and -our taste- to be recognized in every single glass of wine. We want the one who drinks the wine to feel the energy and the scents of Cretan nature and taste this ancient connection of our land with the wine. “

Companions on his journey, a fact that makes him proud is his wife Victoria and his four sons, Andreas, Manolis, Nicholas and Alexandros, who love what he did. “And for everyone in the family, the Domaine is a reference point for a course to the future-as we all dream of it -in the divine world of wine!”